5 rules to increase trust in your website

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A website that is trustworthy is the foundation on which your online business stands. The following recommendations shall help you to increase the trust in your website:


1. Make sure that your website will be easy to remember. Utilize elements that users can emotionally relate to (normally pictures and videos). However, you should also use repetitive elements that are targeting the subconsciousness of your users (e.g. catchy slogans).


2. Cross check your websites for mistakes and let your friends and colleagues review it. Only if you control enough it can be guaranteed that your website will look professional.


3. Always be honest towards your customers and keep your pricing transparent. Do not hide extra costs by not mentioning them, or by adding them only in the last step of the checkout process.


4. Explain the added value of your products and/or services in a simple way. What benefits to they offer, which problems do they solve and what is your target group? Be very clear in your messages towards your audience.


5. Make use of independent tools that will all your customers to rate your products and/or services. React to positive and negative comments alike and show your audience that you are willing to interact with them. Moreover, feedback will help you to continuously improve.

Instagram for your business

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Instagram is one of the most promising social platforms, which can be used to enhance the growth of your business. It belongs to the most popular social networks and its popularity is growing on a daily basis. The average user shows a high interest in interacting with other people and brands. Instagram is focused on the publication and utilization of visual content, which is being perceived much stronger by users than text.


Instagram can be installed very quickly on almost every mobile gadget and that makes it an ideal social platform for modern people. Hence, it is a very powerful tool to significantly increase the conversion rate for your business.


  1. Optimize your company profile on Instagram


The optimization of your company profile will enormously increase the probability that you will be found through search machines (organic search). An optimized company profile will guarantee that users will be able to easily orientate on your page. The following steps are important for a strong optimization:


  • Use a high resolution version of your logo as a profile picture. If you do not have a logo, you can as well use a display of your products and/or services.
  • Your nickname should be either the name of your company, or a term that is self-explaining the nature of your business
  • Describe shortly and precise what you are offering exactly. Users want to understand what added value they can expect from your business.
  • In the description of your page you should add your contact details and the URL of your internet page
  • Adjust your privacy settings so that everyone will be able to see the pictures on your page (privacy settings)


2. Publish photos of your products


Imagine Instagram as the store window of your business. Invest in the creation of professional photos. You can make a photo of your self-baked cake yourself and it will look good, but if a professional does the job anyone would instantly want to buy and eat it.


3. Add hashtags to your photos


Hashtags will help a target-oriented audience to find your products. According to the marketing company TrackMaven, 4 to 5 hashtags for a photo are enough.


4. Publish entertaining photos periodically


Try to give your audience a reason for a good laugh. It will have a positive effect, if you will publish funny pictures that are related to your business. The Service Director in your company has spilled coffee over his keyboard? Simply do a photo of the misfortune and share it on Instagram. In the end we are all human and your company will make a more authentic and friendly impression.


5. Attract Followers


The effectiveness of your Instagram account is in direct relationship with the number of followers it has. The following steps can be very helpful to achieve this:


  • Connect your Instagram and Facebook accounts
  • Post popular hashtags below your photos
  • Start to follow other users yourself and comment the pictures they post too
  • “Crosspost” your photos in Facebook, as this is a very effective method to make more people aware of your Instagram profile


6. Publish Videos


Instagram offers its users to publish videos that are 15 seconds long. Use this option to publish short commercial videos that you can share either in other social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, or include them to your newsletter. Of course, you have as well the possibility to advertise your videos on your internet page and/or your blog.


7. Apply filters


According to TrackMaven and Simply Measured Mayfair, Normal and Inkwell are the most effective filters to apply on photos. However, you should utilize Lo-Fi, Valencia, Rise or Amaro if you would like to highlight your brand.


8. Create contests for your followers


Contests are an excellent method to increase activity on your profile. Utilize this option to attract more users and to evaluate their interactions. You can provide prices for the most beautiful pictures, but ensure that there is enough transparency during the decision process (e.g. election by users).


9. Offer discounts


According to the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, 64% users on Facebook that subscribe to brands do it because they wish to receive discounts. One can expect that users on Instagram will exhibit a similar behavior and therefore it would make sense to follow the same strategy on Instagram as well. However, do not offer discounts for free. For example – you can ask for some comments or likes in exchange for a voucher.


10. Keep your audience updated


There are many things that are going on in your business. A new office was opened, a colleague has become pregnant, you got a new coffee machine etc. Capture this moments with a photo and share them with your followers, it will be worth the effort. Keep in mind that your users want to see that they are interacting with human beings, with whom they can identify.


11. Professional presentation of your products


Make sure that you make professional photos and/or videos of your products. If your products look more valuable, demand will grow. Take clothes for example, they are not presented on coat hooks, but on models.


12. Set up Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)


Define KPIs to measure the effectiveness of your marketing activities in social networks.

Amount of likes, comments, shared posts, forwards on your internet page, conversion rates etc.